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05 août 2014

A wonderful gift...

... by a belgian friend, Gille Delhaye, artist-painter and art professor multidisciplinary at Académie des Beaux-Arts de Tamines.





"Pour la petite histoire c'est une amie restauratrice d'oeuvre d'art qui m'a remis ce trésor, cela appartenait à feu son grand maître décéder depuis peu.
Ses armoires renfermaient une mine de produits plus surprenant les uns que les autres."

Thank you so much Gille for these pigments!

I will use them well...


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30 juillet 2014

New contract signed with customers of Tianjin

I work for the second time with Gejianzhu Architects based in Beijing for one villa in Tianjin.


My work consists to conceive decoration with non-organic rayskins and lacquers on furnitures and fixed furnitures designed by Gejianzhu Architects.







Pictures of decoration conceived in October!


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17 juillet 2014

GCDK De.Sign moved in a new place in Beijing




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18 juin 2014

Work in progress for the Beijing Design Week 2014

On a new low table, ancient chinese hat box.



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30 mai 2014

Work in progress for the Beijing Design Week 2014

On a new low table (Ancient chinese hat box)



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15 mai 2014

New furniture





Art Deco console from Shanghai (Unique piece)
Non-organic rayskin covered console.

Size (H x W x D) : 71 x 37 x 31 cm










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14 avril 2014

News creations - Drop shadows

News pieces for the spring!

Floral decoration with eggshells on two sheets of glass.
Background panel painted with the Longevity chinese ideogram.


DSC06925 DSC06957

Size : 30 x 30 cm

DSC06923 DSC06962

Size : 40 x 30 cm

DSC06920 DSC06971

Size : 40 x 30 cm


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23 janvier 2014

New design for a desk 1940's style for a private customer

Green celadon lacquer on the top and on the front of drawers and doors
Imitation green celadon leather on the top.
News inox pulls.

bureau avt

bureau 1


bureau 3

bureau 2

bureau 5


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12 janvier 2014

Interior decoration for a wine cellar-restaurant in Beijing

Work with the company Gejian Architects & Engineers situated in Beijing and leaded by Nicolas Godelet, a belgian architect and engineer.


labin-wine-cellar-en-22  labin-wine-cellar-en-16


Vip Room - Drawing by Nicolas Godelet



labin-wine-cellar-en-7 maquette finale


Decoration in vip room  : Vine landscape for the screen on the both sides and two doors.
Vine leaves in lacquer - wine grapes and trunks in eggshells.
Surface total : Screen  3mx5m - Doors 3mx1m40

_DSC6586 copy

_DSC6542 copy

_DSC6623 copy

_DSC6618 copy

_DSC6603 copy copy


Decoration in vip room & corridor : Vine landscape.
Vine leaves in lacquer - wine grapes and trunks in eggshells.
Surface total : 12 panels x 1mx0,9m

croquis facade

_DSC6548 copy

_DSC6576 copy

_DSC6555 copy

_DSC6558 copy


Decoration on furnitures : wine grapes in eggshells

W 10b v1

_DSC6487 copy

_DSC6509 copy


W 47 v4

_DSC6444 copy

_DSC6456 copy


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30 décembre 2013

New creation - At Last

“A map of the world that does not include utopia is not worth even glancing at.”
“Aucune carte du monde n’est digne d’un regard si le pays de l’utopie n’y figure pas”.

Oscar wilde

DSC05423  DSC05424  DSC05425  DSC05860


At Last
Lacquered paintings with eggshells in waxed iron frame.
Dia : 100 cm x 4 pieces & 80 cm x 2 pieces.

Scenography during the Beijing Design Week 2013


atlas en scene








Detail of North America



Detail of Europ



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19 décembre 2013

Last work for private customer in Beijing

Painting of geometric pattern on rattan for a ceiling.

Materials  : Yellow ochre, gold & nacre pigments.

Finition : Wax natural.




DSC06363  DSC06385

DSC06365  DSC06370


DSC06378  DSC06387




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18 novembre 2013

New creation of the serie of gingko biloba's leaves.

 Flight Gingko Biloba’s leaves (unique piece) - The second painting of a new serie.


feuilles gingko


Size : 90 x 60 cm x 2 panels - Wood frame - Lacquered pieces & eggshells with gold leaves.

gingko 2

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24 octobre 2013

News creations - Trays

Trays covered with non-oganic rayskins - Gold, green celadon and red.

Size (dia) : 30 cm







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22 octobre 2013

New creation

Flight Gingko Biloba’s leaves (unique piece) - The first painting of a new serie.



 gingko detail copy

Lacquered painting with eggshells in waxed iron frame.

Size (H x W x D) : 90 x 34 x 2 cm x 3 pieces.


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11 octobre 2013

New creation - Console table

Console table (Unique piece)
Non-organic rayskin covered console.

Size (H x W x D) : 76 x 38 x 38 cm




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09 octobre 2013

New creation - Nest of tables

Nest of tables (Unique piece)
Non-organic rayskin covered pieces.
Fronts and drawer lacquered with blue eggshells inlays.
Ebony, silver and moonstone drawer pull by Nicolas Favard.

Size (H x W x D) : 53 x 26 x 78 cm




triple pull drawer1


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05 octobre 2013

At the Beijing design week

In a lovely courtyard renovated at Dashilar.

Two rooms, Two atmospheres with Marie Hefti, Nicolas Favard and Vincent Castell.







More informations : 

Marie Hefti - Linocuts - http://mariemakeslino.tumblr.com/ 

Nicolas Favard - Jeweler - http://nicolasfavard.com/fr/works/

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19 septembre 2013

D-7 before the opening of Beijing Design Week

This year for the Beijing Design Week 2013, I share a space with french friends live in Beijing since a few years ; Marie Hefti, illustrator, to present her latest works on linocut, Vincent Castell, iron forger, Nicolas Favard, jeweler.


Handcraft could be considered as a bridge between people and civilizations. It is always about those skills that will create something magic, hours after hours of patiently drawing, polishing, inking, hammering, cutting...

From delicate eggshells to strong iron, the handcraft men are able to make people dream and be transported to a new vision and reading of nature and life.

By creating and sharing a space together, we would like to show a part of this magic, with 4 different handcraft.


flyer bjdw2013


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17 septembre 2013

Interview by Claire Maucorps...

I m happy to present Claire Maucorps, architect, photographer and illustrator, who like to discorver in her blog "A Moment of Sharing, a Story, a Testimony" a new facet of the workplace, through an interview, a time of sharing, in order to enrich others of our own experience, in short all those little stories that we can open eyes on something else, or help us launch our own career ...


Image 1


This week, Claire Maucorps brings to discover my work...

In english : http://clairemaucorps.blogspot.nl/2013/09/interview-with-gwenaelle-chassin-de.html

Today I bring you to discover an art everything in delicacy, an artist who knew how to make of her child's dream a reality, at the other end of the world … I want to present you Gwenaëlle Chassin de Kergommeaux, a designer who offers a new life and dresses the furniture of her full of sensualism universe …

En français : http://clairemaucorps.blogspot.nl/2013/09/entrevue-avec-gwenaelle-chassin-de.html

Aujourd’hui je vous emmène découvrir un art tout en délicatesse, une artiste qui a su faire de son rêve d’enfant une réalité à l’autre bout du monde … Je veux vous présenter Gwenaëlle Chassin de Kergommeaux, une designer qui offre une nouvelle vie et habille les meubles de son univers pleine de sensualité… 
Thank you so much for your intention about my universe!
You can discorver the universe touchingly simple of Claire Maucorps in her website http://www.claire-maucorps.com/

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