The organisation's mission of association "Children of Madaifu" has been the same for over fifteen years : provide care and guidance to orphans in China's most destitute regions and follow them till adulthood.

Once a child enter his programme, he/she is ensured to have all of his/her basic needs covered as well as the capacity to go as far as he/she can in school, and is offered opportunities in higher education or professional training.

Her aim is to lift these children up by relieving them of thier financial and emotional burdens and accompany them along the path to autonomy and independence.

The organisation also helps the children dream up new horizons and look to the future positively, by launching innovative local initiatives such as her yearly Summer Camp and her brand new Bookmobile.


A few months ago, the association "Children of Madaifu" has proposed a new project which has garnered the interest of several Beijing-based artists and designers. They gave the artists and designers newly-made plain copies of travel bags found in every major Chinese cities throughout the 70's and gave them free rein to express themselves, leading to an astonishind variety of pieces.

Among the artists Huang hui,  Zhang Dali, Wen Fang and the designers Dominic Johnson-Hill, Tang'Roulou and Pongyuen Cheung, I participated too to support Madaifu.

I choose a gingko-leaf motif because of what that tree symbolises : renewal and hope. Through this bag, I wanted to encourage the children supported by Madaifu to always try to move forward. The gingko-leaves are realized in eggshells.

These creations will be auctioned at an exclusive event and all of the proceeds of the sale will go to the children supported by the organisation.