Having participated in the Beijing Design Week in 2012 and 2013, this year I present Shadow & Transparency.

On this occasion, I collaborate with "Xiabu", or "Summer Fabric" an independent producer of ramie's fabrics to present in particularly my latests creations with their fabrics.

for OUT

Revaluate the Ramie’s Modernity



'Xiabu’, or ‘Summer Fabric’, is a kind of hand weaved fabric, using ramie as its main material. With more than a 5000 year history in China, ramie is commonly known as ‘China Grass’ - one of the oldest vegetable fibres and originally cultivated in China. Ramie has the longest plant fibre, also with the most beautiful natural glossy texture, the quality is as high as silk, considered the "king of natural fibres." The fabric has a natural breathability, widely used in the summer season - ancient Chinese people call it the ‘Summer Fabric’.

As an independent fabric label, Summerwood goals to revive the ramie’s possibilities, through contemporary way.

This year, we invited 7 new talents to use ramie’s surplus fabrics to shape new value of this traditional handmade materials, they are fashion & accessories, fine deigned product, installation, interiors works, objects, etc. All works would be inserted to an inconvenient corner of daily life, every piece of products would be made in up-cycled way. We named it ‘for OUT’, it’s call for something out, out of present system, out of mainstream value.

This exhibition want to call people be more enthusiasm to traditional textiles, handmade, contemporary art, and more active to everyday’s life.



With ramie's fabrics, I propose draperies decorated with gold leaves and eggshells. These materials are used as elements of "embroidery" and is carefully drawn on small fibers of fabrics. Shadow and Transparency then take shape...

Continuing the same theme, I present my latest way to work the faux-shagreen. With faux-shagreen production‘s secret, I also control the transparency of the material. I can emphasis the specific grain of faux-shagreen, including its "pearl" symbol of this material.

teinture_blanche_detail3 lampe3

for OUT with MouHoo - PQ apartment - Zhigen Design - Digest Design Workshop - Heng Shu Atelier - Mobius Studio - Gcdk de.sign

Time : 23th September – 3rd October 13:00 - 19:00

Address : No.40 Tan’er Hutong, Dashilar, Beijing


See you there!