05 août 2014

A wonderful gift...

... by a belgian friend, Gille Delhaye, artist-painter and art professor multidisciplinary at Académie des Beaux-Arts de Tamines. http://gilledelhaye.wordpress.com/ http://gilledelhaye.tumblr.com/ "Pour la petite histoire c'est une amie restauratrice d'oeuvre d'art qui m'a remis ce trésor, cela appartenait à feu son grand maître décéder depuis peu.Ses armoires renfermaient une mine de produits plus surprenant les uns que les autres." Thank you so much Gille for these pigments! I will use them well...  
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30 juillet 2014

New contract signed with customers of Tianjin

I work for the second time with Gejianzhu Architects based in Beijing for one villa in Tianjin. http://www.gejianzhu.com/project/water-villas My work consists to conceive decoration with faux shagreens and lacquers on furnitures and fixed furnitures designed by Gejianzhu Architects.     Pictures of decoration conceived in October!  
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17 juillet 2014

GCDK De.Sign moved in a new place in Beijing

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15 mai 2014

New furniture

      Art Deco console from Shanghai (Unique piece)faux shagreens covered console.Size (H x W x D) : 71 x 37 x 31 cm            
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14 avril 2014

News creations - Drop shadows

News pieces for the spring! Floral decoration with eggshells on two sheets of glass. Background panel painted with the Longevity chinese ideogram.   Size : 30 x 30 cm Size : 40 x 30 cm Size : 40 x 30 cm  
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23 janvier 2014

New design for a desk 1940's style for a private customer

  Green celadon lacquer on the top and on the front of drawers and doors Imitation green celadon leather on the top. News inox pulls.    
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12 janvier 2014

Interior decoration for a wine cellar-restaurant in Beijing

Work with the company Gejian Architects & Engineers situated in Beijing and leaded by Nicolas Godelet, a belgian architect and engineer. http://www.gejianzhu.com/project/labin-wine-cellar     Vip Room - Drawing by Nicolas Godelet   Decoration in vip room  : Vine landscape for the screen on the both sides and two doors.Vine leaves in lacquer - wine grapes and trunks in eggshells.Surface total : Screen  3mx5m - Doors 3mx1m40   Decoration in vip room & corridor : Vine... [Lire la suite]
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30 décembre 2013

New creation - At Last

“A map of the world that does not include utopia is not worth even glancing at.”“Aucune carte du monde n’est digne d’un regard si le pays de l’utopie n’y figure pas”. Oscar wilde          At Last Lacquered paintings with eggshells in waxed iron frame.Dia : 100 cm x 4 pieces & 80 cm x 2 pieces. Scenography during the Beijing Design Week 2013       Detail of North America   Detail of Europ  
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19 décembre 2013

Last work for private customer in Beijing

Painting of geometric pattern on rattan for a ceiling. Materials  : Yellow ochre, gold & nacre pigments. Finition : Wax natural.          
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18 novembre 2013

New creation of the serie of gingko biloba's leaves.

 Flight Gingko Biloba’s leaves (unique piece) - The second painting of a new serie.     Size : 90 x 60 cm x 2 panels - Wood frame - Lacquered pieces & eggshells with gold leaves.
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