20 mai 2015

This month at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing with Wuhao curated Shop.

Dear Friends, During this month, Wuhao is back again to Four Seasons Hotel Beijing with talented designers to share the infinite beauty of the nature. Some of my news paintings and furnitures are present from 10 May to 31 May. Don't hesitate to come and visit. Enjoy this new season to come! Gwen
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19 avril 2015

Open Spring Day at my workshop

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19 janvier 2015

Since 12 january and until 24 january in Joy Palace Space in Beijing

A new "rendez-vous" to discover the current trends and view the latest creations from Wuhao, Capucine Néouze, Muni Carpet and Gcdk De.Sign. We hope to See you there!
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30 juillet 2014

New contract signed with customers of Tianjin

I work for the second time with Gejianzhu Architects based in Beijing for one villa in Tianjin. http://www.gejianzhu.com/project/water-villas My work consists to conceive decoration with faux shagreens and lacquers on furnitures and fixed furnitures designed by Gejianzhu Architects.     Pictures of decoration conceived in October!  
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17 juillet 2014

GCDK De.Sign moved in a new place in Beijing

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05 octobre 2013

At the Beijing design week

In a lovely courtyard renovated at Dashilar. Two rooms, Two atmospheres with Marie Hefti, Nicolas Favard and Vincent Castell.          More informations :  Marie Hefti - Linocuts - http://mariemakeslino.tumblr.com/  Nicolas Favard - Jeweler - http://nicolasfavard.com/fr/works/
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19 septembre 2013

D-7 before the opening of Beijing Design Week

This year for the Beijing Design Week 2013, I share a space with french friends live in Beijing since a few years ; Marie Hefti, illustrator, to present her latest works on linocut, Vincent Castell, iron forger, Nicolas Favard, jeweler.   Handcraft could be considered as a bridge between people and civilizations. It is always about those skills that will create something magic, hours after hours of patiently drawing, polishing, inking, hammering, cutting... From delicate eggshells to strong iron, the handcraft men are able to... [Lire la suite]
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17 septembre 2013

Interview by Claire Maucorps...

I m happy to present Claire Maucorps, architect, photographer and illustrator, who like to discorver in her blog "A Moment of Sharing, a Story, a Testimony" a new facet of the workplace, through an interview, a time of sharing, in order to enrich others of our own experience, in short all those little stories that we can open eyes on something else, or help us launch our own career ...     This week, Claire Maucorps brings to discover my work... In english :... [Lire la suite]
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29 août 2013


In the edition of september.      
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